Farm to Fork highlights local farmers

In early May, the green space in downtown Dothan was transformed into a large farmhouse dining room that served a family style dinner for hundreds. Community members came together to honor many of the local farmers that provide fresh vegetables, meats, and dairy to the Wiregrass area. Five Star was the title sponsor for the “Farm to Fork” dinner for the second straight year. More than 175 people attended the dinner.

This one-of-a-kind dinner is prepared by KBC chef and owner Kelsey Barnard Clark. She used ingredients that were all locally grown including all of the pork and lamb. Each of the five courses was developed specifically for “Farm to Fork” by Clark and each one is served “family style” at each of the tables. This harkens back to the old days when families would have friends and family over and sit at one large table.

Each attendee left the dinner with a tea towel that not only had the “Farm to Fork” logo, but a map to each of the farms that provided meats and vegetables. The hope is that each attendee will then visit the farms or the farmers’ stands and by local. Everything that was used in the dinner can be purchased directly from the farms. This is one way to highlight to Wiregrass families that they can purchase sustainable food directly from the farm. In some cases, the farm has websites where you can order the food and they will deliver in Dothan. You simply pay and pick up your box of fresh food.

Five Star is proud to help promote its local farmers. Downtown Dothan hosted the event. Make plans to attend the third “Farm to Fork” in 2018. You can learn more at Downtown Dothan’s website or see pictures at the Downtown Dothan Facebook page.