2020 Your Vision, Your Future

The calendar has flipped and here we are in the year 2020. It’s hard to believe that we are already 20 years into the 2000s. At Five Star, we want to make 2020 your year. The play on the 2020 vision is there, but with an emphasis on you. Let’s work together to get a clear vision of your future and then turn that vision into success. This is the year that you start controlling your money and stop letting it control you.

Here are a couple of ways to get started on a successful 2020. You can start by taking some of our online financial education courses. These are quick courses that will help you gain a greater understanding of how to budget, how to manage your credit score, how to buy your first home or your first auto, to name a few. They are all free and each should take less than 15 minutes. A good way to save money is to refinance a high-rate auto loan into a lower rate. By gaining a lower payment, it will free up money for other things or to pay down debt.  You can do the same with your home. By refinancing your home, you can take advantage of lower interest rates.

By applying for a Five Star credit card, you are getting a card that has some of the lowest rates in the industry. Our cards can never go above 17.99% APR. Most of the national cards tout that as their promotional rate. This is another way to save money and have more for the things you want to do this year. Take some steps in 2020 to see your vision of your future come to reality. We want to work with you to see that happen.