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Our FREE ATMS allow you to check your Five Star accounts 24 hours a day/7 days a week. You can check your account balances, withdraw funds, transfer funds and more. A Five Star Credit Union checking account is required to obtain a debit/ATM card access your Five Star Credit Union account. Transactions using other financial institutions cards or using a Five Star Credit Union card at a non-Five Star Credit Union ATM will incur a small fee.

Click here for Free Five Star Credit Union ATM Locations. See below for other surcharge free ATMs

CU24 Surcharge Free ATMs

We are very pleased to tell you that in order to provide even more FREE ATM locations for our members, Five Star Credit Union recently joined the Credit Union 24 (CU24) surcharge free ATM network. If you are not using a Five Star owned ATM (see listing under ATMs under "locations" elsewhere on this website) then look for either of these 3 logos on the ATM to be able to use it without a surcharge fee to our members.

You can find a complete listing of Credit Union 24 CU HERE® surcharge free ATMs and many (not all) MoneyPass ATMs by clicking here* or download an app to your iPhone or Android smart phones at the CU24 website or at your phone's APP store or from the links at our website.
Another site (with mobile app available) is the MoneyPass dedicated ATM locator. It seems to be more accurate in including all MoneyPass ATMs. Click here * for that site and to download their mobile ATM locator.
While there is no app for finding Publix that we are aware of, you can click here to access a list of Publix Supermarkets. All Publix Presto ATMs are surcharge free to FSCU members
* If you click above you will be temporarily leaving the Five Star Credit Union web site to go to a third-party's web site. Links are not under the control of Five Star Credit Union and Five Star Credit Union is not responsible for their content.

Remember to look only for machines with one of the above 3 logos and the Credit Union 24 logo MUST include the CUHere attached box to be surcharge free.


  • On any of the ATMs described as surcharge free in this article, if you are asked if you are willing to pay a fee during your transaction choose "OK" (or Yes) - but no fee will actually be charged.
  • We are members of the Publix Supermarket Presto ATM network  You are able to use all Publix PRESTO ATMs surcharge free.
  • Many (but not all) ATMs in Wal-Marts ARE part of the Money Pass surcharge free network. If the machine does not have a MoneyPass logo on it we suggest you assume it is NOT surcharge free.
  • Just a reminder that we are participating ONLY in the CU HERE, Money Pass and the Publix Presto programs. ATMs must have one of the logos that appear above to be surcharge free.
  • Similar logos on ATMs or on the CU24s ATM locator "mobile" app that we are NOT part of and will charge you a fee include: Credit Union 24® (without the CU HERE added), Member Access, and ALLPOINT® which are found frequently on the Mobile CU24 ATM locator site but is not surcharge free to our members.
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