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Watch your money grow with a FSCU savings account!


Five Star makes it easy by offering only one savings account and one checking account. How much you earn on them is up to you. Your activity each month qualifies you to earn at that level for the current month. You automatically qualify for higher dividends if you meet the easy qualifications each month.


Savings (Share) Account
Start saving for your family's future with a high yield savings account!

  • Simply deposit $5 to open an account and earn dividends

  • $5 minimum balance in this account is required to maintain membership in Five Star Credit Union

Add and use a checking account (with 10 or more transactions a month) and boost your savings account dividends. Add one or more additional qualifying services and boost your savings earnings even higher. Ask a Member Service Representative for details.

Free Five Star Checking with Interest*
Earn interest (dividends) on your entire average monthly checking account balance when your account is "active." A $25 minimum deposit is required to open a checking account but no minimum is required after that.

Higher dividend rates are available on checking and savings when you use other Five Star services. It's really simple. Five Star offers only one checking account and one savings account to choose from. How much you earn in dividends on them depends on you.

  • No minimum balance required

  • No monthly maintenance fees

Free checking with interest and high yield savings. Free feels So Good!

Just make at least 10 transactions* (deposits, paid checks, debit card use, transfers, etc.) a month and the account is considered "active." It qualifies for dividends on checking and increased dividends to savings. You also receive:

  • FREE 24/7 account access (via phone or web)

  • FREE online copies of your checks as well as carbonless copies

  • Overdraft protection (with credit approval)

  • FREE VISA Check (debit and ATM) card

  • Direct deposit available

  • FREE e-statements available - faster to you and better for the environment

  • FREE Online Bill Payer

  • FREE Mobile Banking and remote check deposit from your smartphone

  • FREE access to hundreds of surcharge free ATMs (CU HERE and Money Pass as well as Five Star ATMs)

  • FREE shared branching with hundreds of other participating credit union branches. (Do Five Star transactions at their branch when they are more convenient to where you are at that time)

*Accounts with less than 10 transactions are still "free" but do not earn dividends that month and will not initiate extra dividends on a savings account. So keep those checking accounts active for the most benefits!

*Credit unions' "interest" is called "dividends." Credit union accounts are federally Insured by NCUA up to $250,000.

Click here for a Checkbook Reconciliation Worksheet.

* Important:
Five Star Credit Union recommends members periodically review their online account access practices to ensure security, including reviewing:
    - Who has access to your online accounts?
    - How and where are your usernames and passwords stored?
    - How strong are your passwords and how often are they changed?

Five Star will never contact you on an unsolicited basis to request information concerning your electronic credentials including your user ID, password, or authentication.

If you are suspicious of any account activity, experience a member information security related event, or believe that your user ID, password, or authentication has been lost or stolen, contact Five Star at 888.619.1711 (option three for member services) immediately.

Five Star Regular Savings Account and Checking Account Rates
A $5 minimum deposit is required in a savings account for membership and to earn dividends. Savings rate is based on your checking account and other activity with Five Star. Rates shown effective April, 2016.




Star Level
Savings WITHOUT Active Checking**



Bright Star Level
Savings WITH Active Checking**



Five Star Level
Savings with Active Checking**
and 1, 2, 3 or 4 qualifying services 

0.35%(1), 0.60%(2),
0.85%(3) 1.11%(4)


Click here for more information on Five Star savings and checking.


 At *Five Star Level - Below are the four additional qualifying services that can be earned and added (bump rates) each month to your savings account in addition to the savings "base rate." Active checking (10 or more transactions each month) is required.

Five Star Level



Sign up and receive e-Statements instead of mailed ones

0.25% additional


$500+ in purchases using Five Star Debit and/or Credit Card during month    

0.25% additional


Direct Deposit or retirement income to checking 0.25% additional N/A

Have active and current loan*** $1,000+  with FSCU

0.25% additional


Maximum Prospective Savings APY (includes 0.10% APY base rate)



*APY is Annual Percentage Yield. Variable rates are subject to change. Fees, if incurred, may reduce earnings.
**Active Checking means 10 or more Checking transactions per month.
*** Loan must be current (not past due) and balance must be more than $1,000. Share and ceritficate secured loans and most mortgages of 12+ years are excluded.

TIP: Credit card balances also count as a loan if more than $1,000 at month end. Credit card payments are due on the 2nd of each month and can be paid electronically (via transfer or bill pay) thru your FSCU online banking account.

Transactions include deposits, withdrawals (including via ATM, checks that clear, debit card use or cash) and transfers. Click here for full Truth in Savings disclosure.

Five Star level checking members also qualify for monthly 0.25% APY bump rates on certificate accounts. Ask a member representative for more details.


Rising Star (Youth Savings) account pays higher dividends to members' children and grandchildren when account is opened before the age of 18. Converts to an adult account by age 19. Only $5 is required to open a Rising Star account. Ask for more details.

Click here to view a short "What is a Credit Union?" video.




Rising Star (Youth Savings)



Amount paid any month that account receives an e-statement rather than a mailed paper statement.  (TIP: sign up for e-statements)



*APY is Annual Percentage Yield. Variable rates are subject to change. Fees, if incurred, may reduce earnings.


Could this be the perfect card for you? No annual fee, no balance transfer fee, no cash advance fee, low rates. Two types to choose from.
If you are tired of other credit cards offering you short term balance transfers that skyrocket in rate when they end, you will love our new offer. If you already have our card call us at 888.619.1711 (option two for loan dept) to transfer a balance from another card. If you don't have a Five Star credit card, apply today and transfer a balance with your application! The application and accompanying disclosure will give you the details.

VISA® Platinum
Make purchases, manage expenses and pay bills while enjoying the simplicity and convenience of a traditional credit card. Take advantage of competitive interest rates making this card the economical choice. All with the security that comes with every Visa® credit card.

VISA® Platinum Rewards
Everyday purchases add points to your Rewards program balance. Redeem points for brand name merchandise, gift cards for gas or for restaurants, cash back and travel items such as hotels, car rentals and more! And you can start redeeming with as few as 2,500 points. You’ll earn one point for every $1 spent with your Platinum Rewards credit card. For more information or to spend any of your accumulated rewards points go to and then scroll to the bottom of the page to browse the StarPoints Web site and start creating your memories today.

You do not need a password to browse but will need to sign up to have a login and password to spend your rewards.  Your accumulated rewards points can be found on your monthly credit card statement and is also available in the upper right corner of the StarPoints website after logging in. Click here for more information.

PAY On-Line - On-Line Visa account access is at your fingertips when you log onto your FSCU account on-line. Just click on "Visa Credit Card" and  and you can check your transactions, your balances, and pay your Visa bill thru Bill Pay or (even simpler) by transferring the amount you wish to pay to your FSCU Visa Loan account.  You can even set it up to pay at a future day but still before it is due.

Report them immediately to 855-847-2023.

(Also for obtaining a new PIN and disputed credit card charges)

Call 844-847-2511

TO APPLY FOR A FSCU VISA CREDIT CARD CALL 888-619-1711 (option 2 for lending) during business hours or Click here for an application. The application is a fillable pdf. You can fill it out and print, sign, and mail it to FSCU/Credit Services, P.O. Box 2028, Dothan, AL 36302 or drop it off at any branch. We do not recommend emailing this information through an unsecure email provider. Please remember to sign the application before mailing it.



The VISA® Debit/Check Card looks like a credit card, but acts like a check. It gives you the convenience of having purchases deducted nearly instantly from your checking account along with the safety of not having to carry large amounts of cash. Record keeping is simple; just deduct purchases as you would a check in your check register. It allows the flexibility of using it where checks are not accepted and gives you the ability to get cash back when you make purchases at many retailers. You can also get cash from thousands of ATM's worldwide including many surcharge free ATMs that are owned by FSCU or are part of the CU24 HERE, Moneypass or PRESTO (Publix) networks.* There is no annual fee and no interest charged when using this card.

LOST OR STOLEN CHECK/DEBIT CARDS? (or having trouble using it?)
Report them immediately to 855-847-2023. (or call for assistance 24/7) or during business hours you can call 888-619-1711 (option 5).

When activating your debit/ATM card by phone please stay on the line to also choose your PIN. If you forget to do this and lose the sticker with the activation phone # it is 1-855-847-2023.  You call this number to set or change your PIN.

* See ATMs section for more information on surcharge free ATMs.


Need a gift you can be sure won't end up in the back of someone's closet? With the new Visa® Gift Card, you can avoid the stress of shopping for the perfect gift.
Whether you need something for a birthday, wedding or other special event, gift cards are great for any occasion. Unlike other gift cards or certificates that can only be redeemed at a specific store, Visa® gift cards can be used to make purchases at a variety of retail locations and e-commerce web sites.
They're accepted anywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted.
Visa® gift/travel cards are available at any of our branches. You select the value amount for the card up to $500. To check your card balance, simply call either our toll-free number 800-827-6227 or visit*

*If you click above you will be temporarily leaving the Five Star Credit Union web site to go to a third-party's web site. Links are not under the control of Five Star Credit Union and Five Star Credit Union is not responsible for their content.

Offering Gift Cards is part of Five Star Credit Union's ongoing commitment to bring our customers innovative products and services. For more information, please call 888-619-1711 (Option 5).
Report them immediately to 800-827-6557.


We offer various length terms on share certificate account deposits from 6 months to 48 months. Minimum deposits start as low as $500. Check online or with a Member Service Representative for the current rate and terms.

Click here for rates and terms.

Five Star level checking account members can also qualify for an additional APY bump rate at the end of each month on certificate accounts


A money market sometimes earns higher dividends than savings if member has no active checking account. You should compare rates.

  • $2,000 minimum to open and maintain

  • Higher dividends rates available for balances above $100,000

See your Disclosure of Account Terms or a Member Service Representative for current dividends paid and additional details regarding this account.

Click here for rates and terms.


These are special savings accounts to help you save for your annual holiday shopping or vacation. Dividends are posted monthly, based on the daily balance. This account can be opened at any time.

Click here for rates and terms.


We offer a variety of IRA accounts, accepting deposits, rollovers and transfers of IRA's and other pension plans. IRA's are separately insured, also for the maximum federal limit. Choose from Traditional, Roth or Educational IRA's.

Click here* for more information on retirement planning.

*If you click above you will be temporarily leaving the Five Star Credit Union web site to go to a third-party's web site. Links are not under the control of Five Star Credit Union and Five Star Credit Union is not responsible for their content.


There is no need to wait in line to make a deposit! Most paychecks and government payments (IRS Refunds, Social Security Checks, etc.) can be handled through direct deposit. With direct deposit, all or a portion of your check or payment is sent directly to Five Star where you have quick access to your funds. This offers you the safety of never having a lost or stolen check and the convenience of having your deposit made, even if you are out-of-town, sick or too busy to get to your Five Star office. You may also choose to have a portion of your check deposited into your savings account or have it go towards a loan payment.

Your payroll provider will ask for your FSCU account number and our routing number. Both of these appear at the bottom of your FSCU checks. Our routing number is 261272046.


Your deposits are Federally Insured by NCUA. For information view these informative videos. 

Share Insurance Coverage Overview.  Click here

How to Use NCUA's Share Insurance Estimator.  Click here

Account Ownership Types.  Click here


Why pay full price for things you can buy at a discount? Save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars each year on things you will buy anyway. Benefits Plus® is a discount and benefit program offered exclusively in our Alabama and Georgia areas by FSCU. We offer all members a 60-day free trial offer to try the Benefits Plus® program. After the 60 days, if you choose to continue the program (who wouldn't?) the cost will be $4.95 per month subtracted from your FSCU checking account (required). This amount covers you, your spouse and your minor children - just sign them up too. No long term agreement. Cancel anytime you are tired of saving money.

Here are a few of the many benefits this program offers you.

Identity Theft Protection - Helps prevent identity theft and can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of work to restore your good name and credit if your Identity is ever stolen. Other Identity theft protection companies offering similar services charge $8 to $15 per month. Our protection is included at no additional cost to you as a Benefits Plus® member. You can also set fraud alerts, order credit reports, reduce junk mail and more. Just request a user name and password from Benefits Plus® to access your secure Identity Theft Protection signup page online.

Grocery Savings - What is normally a $100 cost per year grocery coupon internet club is yours to access free as long as you are a Benefits Plus® member. Save hundreds more each year on groceries with the coupons you select - some available free for printing and others that will be mailed to you. There is a small processing fee for the mailed coupons you order that is offset by additional free coupons Benefits Plus® will send you.

Travel - Get Five Star travel service from Benefits Plus®. Save hours searching for the lowest rate or the best vacation package. Just make one call to Benefits Plus®. The lowest fares available at the time of purchase are guaranteed. Plus recieve a three-percent rebate in a check mailed to you after you travel on your airfare, hotel, or rental car and a five-percent rebate on any cruises booked through Benefits Plus®.

Prescriptions - Show the "restat" number on the Benefits Plus® card at your local pharmacy (CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreen, Walmart and many other smaller and independent pharmacies all participate). Ask them what your prescription would cost using that card instead of any other prescription discount card you may have. Compare the prices. Pay the lower one. You may save hundreds of dollars each year. Don't have another prescription card? - you will save even more.

National Restaurants & Retailers - If you eat at Applebee's®, Red Lobster®, Olive Garden®, TGI Fridays®, Chili's, or shop at Old Navy®, Banana Republic®, Payless ShoeSource®, and many other restaurants and retailers, you can buy gift cards through Benefits Plus® for up to 10 percent less than full value - there is no limit. As an example, you could buy a $1,000 worth of gift cards for $900. Or just buy a $25 gift card for $22.50. They make nice gifts, or spend it yourself! You just saved 10 percent!

Eyeglasses - Apply for a free Vision Discount card from Benefits Plus®. Save up to 35 percent or more on purchases of frames and prescription eyeglasses.

Scholarship Searches - Have a child headed off to college? This benefit costs an extra one-time $29.95 charge but you are guaranteed to find and receive at least one $200 or more grant or scholarship for your child, or Benefits Plus® will send you a $200 savings bond.

Theme Park Discounts - If you are planning to visit a theme park like Six Flags®, Universal Studios®, Stone Mountain®, Atlanta Zoo®, Callaway Gardens®, or many others - order your tickets from Benefits Plus® and save. There are ways to also save on Disney® Tickets.

Other benefits include:
Movie Discounts - order local movie passes from Benefits Plus® for big discounts. (you do have to plan ahead).
Local Merchant and Professional Discounts - at participating places.
Cash Back Rewards - Shop at over 350 participating online retailers and earn up to 33 percent cashback when you shop using registered cards.
$5 rebate on your membership to Sam's Club® and other qualifying wholesale clubs.
Up to five free memberships and cards for family members living 25 miles or more outside Five Star areas in southeast Alabama or southwest Georgia. Your membership gets them a membership for free with all the same benefits and privileges.

What a deal!  Change your life! Put money back into your pocket (or into your Five Star account).

Click here for a Five Star Benefits Plus® flyer with an application to get your free 60 day trial offer.

Click here to visit the    Benefits Plus® websiteand see all the benefits available to you and your family. 
* If you click above you will be temporarily leaving the Five Star Credit Union website to go to a third-party's website. Links are not under the control of Five Star Credit Union and Five Star Credit Union is not responsible for their content.

Here's a tip - After you sign up for your 60 day free trial, call Benefits ® at 1-866-329-7587 and they will sign you up for all the benefits you are entitled to and get you started saving faster.

*Five Star Credit Union has selected Generations Gold, Inc. a fully independent third party service provider, to provide travel and other discount services on an exclusive basis directly to Benefits Plus® members. Your financial institution assumes no liability for any of the providers in fulfilling their services. All liabilities, claims, damages, and demands are the direct responsibility of Generations Gold Inc., the benefits provider. Discounts received through Benefits Plus ® may not be used in conjunction with any other discounts. Not all services available in all areas. Benefits and services are subject to change without notice.


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