Five Star Branch News

Thursday – 5 pm CT
All 15 of our branches will be on normal hours on Friday. St. Simons Island will open at regular time and will also have lobby traffic for the first time this week. Five Star thanks all of its members for being patient during this tough time as Hurricane Irma disrupted our lives in Glynn County. Stop in and let us know how we can help.

Thursday – 10 am CT
We are open in Brunswick and St. Simons Island. Thank you everyone for your patience. Our staff was able to get into Glynn county this morning to assess any damage. We didn’t have any at either branch. Brunswick is open for full service. St. Simons Island is only open in the drive-thru for today. Let us know if we can help in any way.

Wednesday – 4:30 pm CT
Glynn County is allowing residents back into the area beginning at 6 am EST on Thursday. This means that Five Star employees will be able to access the branch and get it ready to open at noon on Thursday. St. Simons Island is still not accessible for residents until mid-morning on Thursday therefore the Five Star branch will remain closed until further notice.

Glyn County officials continue to reiterate to the public that reconstruction of the county will take months, not days.  There are still some power outages and sewer back up problems. Some areas of the county still have some hazardous areas.

Keep monitoring the Five Star Facebook page and the app for more information. Send us questions through the Facebook page or the app. Remember, there are plenty of surcharge free ATMs in the area to use. Just check our website for those locations.

Tuesday – 4:30 pm CT
The Five Star Brunswick and St. Simons Island branches will remain closed for the next few days and likely the rest of the week. Glynn County, GA officials were not allowing people back into the county until a full assessment has been made. St. Simons Island remains closed until the bridge leading to the island can be inspected for any damage. This means Five Star has been unable to see the condition of either branch. We do know that the Brunswick branch sustained some damage to the Five Star sign and trees on the property.

Glynn county officials have described the flooding situation in the county as “historic.” There also continues to be power outages in the county, as well as water and sewer services being unavailable. In other words it’s still being evaluated by federal and county officials. For more information on the Hurricane’s impact on Glynn county, visit the county’s hurricane update webpage.

Five Star is sorry for this inconveince to your accounts, however always remember that you can access your account through our online banking, mobile app, and phone banking – 888.619.1711. There are many surcharge free ATMs across the country, so if you need access to your cash, find a location near you. Monitor the Five Star Facebook page and the message center in the mobile app for the latest updates. You can also send questions to Five Star through either one.