Business Solutions

For more information, contact Tyler Cline by email or at 888-619-1711, ext. 1198.

Payment Services

Payments are essential to your businesses success. Let Five Star,  simplify payments, bring in more payments, and boost your management efficiency.  We know we can help you so we're willing to give you $500. Click the picture to learn more.


Five Star is partnering with Deluxe Payroll + HR Essentials to provide you a single, easy-to-use package that digitizes documents, manages payroll, automates hiring, on-boarding, and streamlines your HR processes. Click on the picture to learn more and start saving time.


This is the perfect solution for the business that does not have a storefront and needs to accept payments. Business members can use Autobooks to send invoices through text or email. Autobooks can be accessed through the Five Star app for convenience. Click here to learn more.