Five Star Sponsors Empty Bowls Dothan

The need for help for families in the Wiregrass area is great. The Wiregrass Area United Way Food Bank works every year to help bridge the food gap with families across six counties. One of the food bank’s largest fundraisers is Empty Bowls Dothan. Volunteers create bowls from clay. They are glazed and fired then sold for $10 each during the annual event in February. For $10, a family of four can be fed for one week through the food bank.

empty-bowls_five-star-checkFive Star has sponsored the event for five straight years. The sponsorship covers the materials used to create all of the bowls. In October, Five Star also held a night to create bowls. Forty people from or associated with Five Star showed up to make a bowl. To put that in perspective, those 40 people created enough bowls, after being sold for $10 each, to feed that family of four for nearly a year.


The Empty Bowls Dothan fundraiser will be Saturday Feb. 4, 2017 at the Cultural Arts Center in Dothan. Everyone is invited to attend, buy a bowl, and learn more about how the Wiregrass Area United Way Food Bank is working to meet the needs of the hungry, children, and the elderly.