Help Your Children Save and Learn About Finances!

Rising Star “Youth” accounts can be opened for anyone under age 18 who has a parent or grandparent who is a FSCU member. The account automatically converts to an adult account at age 19.

By opening a Rising Star account for your child at FSCU you will be helping them to learn to save and the value of saving. Doing this early in their lives gives parents and grandparents a place to save some or all of any money received as a gift or that they may earn and let it accumulate interest. This is a great way to start saving for their education or their first car.

As the child reaches their mid-teen years you should also help them open a checking account at FSCU and request a debit card to teach them about budgeting and spending only what they intend to spend separately from their savings. FSCU does not recommend overdraft protection for youth checking or debit cards so they cannot overdraw their accounts. By doing these things for your child or grandchild you are providing them the foundations of responsible financial handling they will need as they grow into adulthood.