Paying bills has never been easier when you use the Five Star Bill Payer through online banking. It’s an easy process to set up your bills. Five Star has a relationship with many of the more popular companies that members have accounts with so each bill takes less than two minutes to set up. Once [...]

Direct Deposit is very easy and convenient by tying your paycheck into your Five Star account. This helps you access your funds quicker, more reliably, and limits your exposure to theft. Five Star is able to accept most paychecks and government payments through direct deposit. Don’t worry about losing a check, having it stolen, or [...]

Overdrafts happen. We understand. Five Star has two ways for you to protect your transactions – Overdraft Privilege and Overdraft Protection. These are put in place to help you when making a purchase and the transaction goes above the balance in your checking account. Accidental overdrafts happen so Five Star offers special protection on those [...]

Credit Protection  Five Star’s Credit Protection helps alleviate the stress and worry of making loan payments when your life takes an unexpected turn. It covers events such as death, disability, involuntary job loss, and family leave. This is a great option for an Express Loan, auto loan, personal loan, or a personal line of credit. [...]

Five Star offers a robust mobile banking experience. By downloading the Five Star mobile app to your phone or tablet, you are bringing your account to your fingertips. On the mobile app, you can check balances, transfer money, and pay bills. You can also access graphs to see how you are spending your money each [...]

Five Star is proud to offer a wide range of retirement planning products and services, not only for senior members but also for those members who are planning ahead for their own futures. At Five Star, you will find a variety of IRA accounts, as well as options for deposits, rollovers, and transfers of IRAs. You [...]

You have heard us say many times that unnecessary or too much debt is almost always not in your best interest but that some debt is a common part of life and is often necessary, useful and even beneficial. If you are pursuing education or training, need a truck or car for work, require a [...]

Rising Star “Youth” accounts can be opened for anyone under age 18 who has a parent or grandparent who is a FSCU member. The account automatically converts to an adult account at age 19. By opening a Rising Star account for your child at FSCU you will be helping them to learn to save and [...]

On November 1st 2015, Five Star Credit Union completed its Purchase and Assumption of Farmers State Bank and its 3 branches in Lumpkin, Richland and Georgetown GA. These locations were converted to FSCU branches and now offer all our superior products and services. Five Star welcomes the 14 new employees and 3,900 new credit union [...]

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