Paying bills has never been easier when you use the Five Star Bill Payer through online banking. It’s an easy process to set up that will help your business stay current with its bills. Five Star has a relationship with many of the more popular companies that business members have accounts with so each bill [...]

Running a business is hard, your business checking account should not be. At Five Star, you will find that we want to help. Five Star has two business checking accounts to better serve your needs. Plus, there is a not-for-profit business checking account. The business checking accounts are tailored for how complex your business needs [...]

Local businesses can count on Five Star Credit Union to be a partner and to work with them to meet all of their business needs. Five Star offers business loans, as well as agriculture loans. These can be complex loans and working with a partner makes the process much easier. Your business is not a [...]

These numbers are meant to provide a general idea on monthly payments or savings results for various circumstances. Payment amount does not include any additional/escrowed monthly amounts for insurance or taxes or other fees if these apply to your type loan. Please consult with a FSCU loan specialist at 888-619-1711 (option 2) for the exact [...]

Credit unions traditionally have fewer fees. Five Star does its best to help members avoid as many fees as possible. Fees generally reflect Five Star’s actual costs and losses that incur when members intentionally or accidentally use these services. Five Star encourages all members to stop by a branch, or call a member service representative [...]

Money Market Accounts (MMAs) are interest-bearing deposit accounts that make a lot of sense in the right situations. Sometimes, they can earn even higher dividends than our Five Star Share Account, for example, particularly if the accountholder isn’t also actively using one of our free checking accounts. A Five Star Money Market Account typically requires [...]

Five Star Share Certificate Accounts are available on a variety of length terms (generally ranging from six to 48 months), with minimum deposits beginning as low as $500. Additionally, Five Star members with a free checking accounts in Georgia or Alabama can qualify for an additional Annual Percentage Yield (APY) bump rate on their certificate accounts [...]

Finding affordable insurance is difficult. Finding supplemental insurance can be just as overwhelming. Five Star members have access to the TruStage Insurance Company. TruStage offers a comprehensive list of insurance for you to choose including: Auto Home Life AD&D Health You can learn more by visiting TruStage’s website and entering that you are a Five [...]

Being a member at Five Star comes with more than just free checking with interest, it gives you more opportunities to save money. We make it easy because the items you will save on are things you buy everyday. Plus, we can help you purchase insurance at great rates. Benefits Plus® is a discount program [...]

Five Star Credit Union has heard from members that financial institutions have made checking accounts difficult with complicated formulas. At Five Star, there is one checking account option and it’s free. Plus, as an added bonus, many Five Star accounts pay dividends. That means the more that you do your business with Five Star, the [...]

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