At Five Star, the member comes first and that means offering services that meets their needs. Below you will find services that fit your lifestyle and they are designed with your best interest in mind. If you don’t see something you need, drop us an email or call our live call center – 888.619.1711.



Five Star offers three checking accounts. You always have free options, as well as an option that draws interest. The more transactions and the more business you do with Five Star, the more interest this accounts accrue. You can see your money grow at Five Star. Open an account today.


Direct Deposit

Managing your money is easier when you have direct deposit. Your payroll checks, as well as any government checks, will be deposited into your account taking the risk of fraud away with a paper check. Signing up for direct deposit is very easy.

Member Benefits

Being a member definitely has its privileges. Five Star members enjoy benefits including overdraft protection and payment protection, as well as AD&D, auto, home, life, and hospital accident insurance. Being a member of Five Star gets you access to these services. We Make It Easy to sign up for the benefits.


Certificate Accounts

If you are looking to invest your money in a short-term or long-term certificate, Five Star has a number of terms to meet your needs. Click to find a CD that meets your budget and needs.


Money Market

While Five Star offers one simple checking account, there are times that some members need an account that draws higher dividends. This account does have criteria that needs to be met to be opened.



If you are nearing retirement or would like to begin saving for retirement, Five Star has a variety of IRAs and pension plans to choose from.


Deposit Rates

Five Star offers free checking as well as a checking account that earns interest. That interest can add up the more you use Five Star. Check out Five Star's deposit rates, as well as the rates for share certificates, money market accounts, and IRAs.


Service Fees

Five Star does its best to help its members have a financial experience without fees. All of Five Star's fees are on the website; most reflect Five Star's cost. If you need help avoiding fees, contact a member representative today.

Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet

Accepted almost anywhere you would swipe or tap your card. Add your Five Star Visa Credit Card and Visa Debit Card to Apple Pay™, Samsung Pay, Google Pay™, Garmin Pay™, or Fitbit Pay™ on your compatible device. Once the card is verified, you're ready to go! You can start making purchases immediately.