Start Car Buying Process at Five Star

If you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle, start the process at Five Star instead of the car lot. You’re first thought is, “why?” The process has always been to find the car you want and then work on the financing. If you start at Five Star, you will have a smoother financing experience. Plus, you will ensure that you are buying the vehicle that matches your budget.

When you start at the car lot, your eyes are bigger than your stomach. You get locked in on a car. That means that you might pay more than you can afford or that you get a rate and length of term that could put you in a bind later. Our loan specialists will work with you to find a price range and term that fits your monthly income. You will be qualified as you head to the car lot. This will help as you look for the vehicle that best fits you.

A couple of other things to remember. Car dealerships often advertise very low rates to entice you to come in. Often those rates only apply to the best consumer with spotless credit. If that is you, that’s great. But many won’t qualify and will be looking at higher rates. Other financial institutions advertise very low rates. Again, those are reserved for the best of the best. So don’t fall for the enticing rate. At Five Star, we will work with you to find that perfect rate.

Make your car buying process much less painful by getting your financing first. The drive off the lot in the new car will be much sweeter.

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  • wayne southers

    sure would be nice to know who your people are and what title they have. and how to reach them. I have been a member 6/7 year and its like you call a number and never get a person only a machine. thanks wayne southers

    • Hi Wayne. You can call 888-619-1711 option 7 and you will get a person. If you don’t, you can leave a call back number and they will get back to you. Our branches are so busy that we could give you the number but it would go to voicemail. Are you trying to reach someone in particular?