The equity in your home is the perfect opportunity to gain access to cash at a much lower rate than a personal loan or credit card. With a home equity line of credit from Five Star, you can tap into that equity. Don’t miss this money-saving opportunity. WAYS TO USE YOUR HELOC: Consolidate higher interest [...]

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Your online banking experience has been upgraded. Five Star online banking is now more convenient and easier to navigate. If you use the Five Star mobile app, the transition will be seamless. It has the same look and feel with all the same features. We’re excited for you to get a chance to use it. [...]

Candice White – Sr. Loan Originator Sherry Skipper – Loan Originator Mortgages A brighter future begins with a Five Star mortgage. We offer rates that are competitive to get you into a payment that will get you in a new home. Our mortgage loan specialists will go over every option for you including conventional loan, FHA, [...]

Sherry Skipper NMLS #2014773   About Sherry Owning a home is one of the greatest things you can do. Sherry is a member-focused mortgage loan originator with a long history of putting members’ needs first. She understands the value of a home so she will help you get the best deal that fits your budget. [...]

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