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The Five Star blog is a resource to help our members succeed. The blog will have practical financial applications to apply to every part of the financial journey. Members can check back to see how to put together a simple budget so they know where their money is going each month. Other tips include how to easily put together a financial plan, improve your credit score, and how to purchase at the best time of the year to save the most money. By committing to reading the blog, our members can see real savings each month and be working toward financial freedom.
The Benefits of Goal-Based Financial Planning

“Save and invest. Invest and save.” That’s been the rallying cry for the financially savvy since the rise of professional financial planning in America.

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How Credit Scores are Calculated

If you’ve applied for a car loan or a mortgage lately, you’ve probably heard someone mention your credit score.

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How to Create a Simple Budget

If you’re like most people, you work hard for your money. While much of that income goes toward meeting

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build your credit score

Five Star Platinum Visa

A Five Star Platinum Visa card can help raise your credit score. Use it to pay bills, make purchases, and long-term purchases. The more you use it and pay it off each month, the higher you'll see your credit score.

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Blog Resources

Five Star offers many opportunities to help you with your finances. The blog has good advice. Below are some calculators that can help you better manage your account, save, and see the costs for a loan.

This calculator will help you mange your checking account like you would a checkbook. It will show all of the money coming in to your account and where it goes.

Checkbook Calculator

This calculator helps to see how much you can afford with a new or used auto purchase. It helps with everything from a no money down, money down, or great rate purchase. Use this calculator to see how much you can afford.

Get a New Auto Calculator

Staying on a budget is a great way to control your money and see where it's going each month. This calculator will take the hard work out and help you start to save real money each month.

Budget Calculator

Knowing how much home we can afford is sometimes the hardest part of house hunting. The Five Star Mortgage calculator will answer many of those questions. It's a good resource to use before you begin your house search.

Mortgage Calculator

When thinking about purchasing a new home, it can be difficult to know the best time to buy. There are so many factors that go into a mortgage. The Five Star Rent or Buy calculator will help answer many of your questions.

Rent or Buy?

Sometimes the hardest step to saving money is the actual first month of putting money away. Every little bit adds up over time. The Five Star Savings calculator puts all of your income and bills in perspective to show you where there is room to save.

Savings Calculator

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Quick Financial Education

Take a Five Minute Course

Five Star offers free online financial education that will help you understand how to  manage your account, the steps needed to purchase a new home or auto, and save for retirement. Once you get started you can make your own playlist.

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Put Your Money to Work

Start Saving for Fun Things

Now that you are thinking about saving and watching your money grow, check out our great rates to begin saving for the fun things in life like a dream vacation.

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