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Business Loans

We're ready to help you take the next step in your success story

What's your next big move? Perhaps it's purchasing modern machinery, remodeling a facility or acquiring new property. At Five Star, our business lenders look forward to hearing your plan, offering up expertise, and providing your business with affordable funding that keeps the momentum going.

  • Term Loans: Flexible repayment periods help keep cash flow on track as you get the capital needed to open a business, expand operations, add employees, or purchase equipment and vehicles.
  • Lines of Credit: Get access to a flexible loan fund that your business can tap into anytime to meet short‐term cash needs - such as purchasing supplies, adding inventory, or covering operating expenses. All of our business credit lines have one-year terms.
  • Commercial Real Estate: These loans can be used to acquire property for business purposes and to renovate existing sites. Common use include manufacturing facilities, retail centers, office complexes, hotels, and apartments.
  • Agricultural Loans: Agriculture is a main driver of the economies in Alabama and Georgia. Five Star provides funding for seeds, supplies, livestock, out-buildings, tractors, harvesters, and other equipment for both farm families and larger agri-businesses.
  • Investment Property: Five Star likes to partner up with those who invest in the future of local communities. We provide funds for those looking for ownership shares in manufacturing, office and retail facilities as well as multi-unit residential developments.

Contact Our Team

To learn more about our business loans or to get started on an application, call 888-619-1711 to speak to one of our member business relationship officers.

  • Bobby Landwehr at ext. 1146
  • Stan Sessions at ext. 1176

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