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Being fully prepared is always the best policy 

It's impossible to tell what the future holds. So it's always best to expect the unexpected. One way to protect you, your family and your finances from life's twists and turns is with insurance polices through Five Star's partners at the Franklin Madison Group, TruStage Insurance Company, and Dollar And.

Franklin Madison AD&D coverage

Accidental Death & Dismemberment policies can provide funds that help a family move forward if a wage earner passes away or suffers a serious injury.

  • Get $1,000 of AD&D coverage at no cost with your Five Star membership, if you are 18 or older
  • Policies underwritten by Minnesota Life Insurance Company
  • Get additional AD&D coverage at group rates
  • Our members are pre-authorized for up to $300,000 in added coverage
  • Your acceptance is guaranteed – no medical exams or health questions
  • All coverage reduces by 50% at age 70 and older, regardless of age at enrollment
  • It's easy to enroll or consult with Robert Dudacek, licensed insurance agent #972576-TN

TruStage Insurance Options

For decades, TruStage has been a trusted insurer for credit union members across the country. Five Star members may qualify for discounts on auto, home, life, health and hospital accident policies.

  • With auto insurance, you receive 24-hour claim service (even on holidays), quick appraisals, and guaranteed auto repairs (as long as you own the vehicle)
  • With home insurance, you receive guaranteed home repairs, quick claim service, hassle-free personal item replacement, and temporary living assistance
  • Having life insurance can help your family move forward when you're no long there to provide for them.
  • TruStage helps you compare whole and term insurance, and explore affordable options so you can make a good decision today for your family
  • Click below to get started or call 855.612.7909

Erase Medical Debt

A medical crisis should not mean a financial crisis. That’s why Five Star is partnering with Dollar For, a national non-profit, to help patients reduce or eliminate their hospital bills.

  • Most hospitals in the U.S. have financial assistance programs called charity care
  • The law requires them to have the program, however they don’t make it easy to find or use these programs
  • Over 100 million people in the US could qualify for financial assistance
  • Dollar For’s simple five-question form will tell you if you qualify
  • This service is free for Five Star members

If you qualify, Dollar For will guide you through the financial assistance process and crush that bill. They have already erased over $26 million for nearly 1,500 patients nationwide. Let’s make you one of them.

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