Mother and daughter laughing as they learn.

Financial Focus

Our mini-courses offer really big value

Managing your day-to-day finances can be tough. Some simple tips will make a huge difference. At Five Star, we offer bite-sized online courses through Financial Focus that deliver information on a wide range of personal finance topics. There's no diploma available, but there's plenty of payoff in dollars and common sense.

  • Financial education courses are free for Five Star members
  • Each course takes less than 10 minutes to complete
  • Topics include raising your credit score, financing a home, buying a car and more
  • Choose your own course of study, according to your interests
  • Make a playlist and share with friends

In-School Financial Education 

Like most life skills, young people are quick to pick up on financial concepts. So Five Star has worked hard to develop money-oriented lessons for middle and high schools in the 42 counties we serve. If your school  is interested in helping students turn into smart savers and debt-conscious consumers, contact us about these age-appropriate financial education offerings.

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