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Five Star has many opportunities to serve you. There are financial centers across lower Alabama and Georgia. There are also more than 30,000 ATMs in America that you can use surcharge free. Below there is a search engine for financial centers and ATMs. Five Star is part of the Shazam and CO-OP ATM network across the country. Click the box on what you are searching for and find a location near you. 

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The Five Star routing number is:


Five Star has two easy ways for you to link your direct deposit to your account. You can link it in the app or online banking. Go to the direct deposit page for instructions. It takes just a couple of clicks.

The Five Star mobile app allows you to do almost all of the transactions you need right on your phone or tablet. You can pay on Five Star loans, including using another card or account, transfer money to another member, add an account or share certificate. Download today and keep your account with you. Download here.

Add your debit and credit cards to the Five Star Digital Wallet. This makes your transactions more secure since it's all done electronically. Many online retailers offer Apple Pay and that will take straight from your digital wallet making your online transactions more secure. Get started with the Five Star Digital Wallet.

Finding the correct account can be difficult. The Five Star Account Finder asks you a couple of questions then suggests the best account. It helps you narrow down exactly how you want to manage your account. Go to Account Finder and get started.

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