Keep Your Debit Card Safe

Keep Your Debit Card Safe

Debit and credit card compromises continue to rise. At Five Star, your data is important. However, you can’t always control who has access to your card. It’s smart to think about your purchases and the card that you use. Here are four purchases where cards are most often compromised.

Gas stations 

Card skimmers at gas stations are real. Use your credit card instead of your debit card, you’ll have an added layer of protection against fraud. Always check the card reader to make sure a skimmer is not in place.

Unfamiliar locations 

While on vacation, think before you swipe. You don’t know the area and you can’t be certain which clerks are to be trusted. You’re better off paying with a credit card or with cash so your purchases are protected.

Online purchases 

When buying expensive items or everyday things online, use your credit card. Many times you have dispute rights in case the product doesn’t turn out as expected. Plus, if the site is compromised, they don’t have access to your checking account.


When you hand your debit card to a server, you don’t really know them. The server has more than enough time to clone your card and then use it or sell it. You are better off using a credit card or cash to pay for your meal.

Download the Five Star app so you can control your cards and freeze them after purchases. By freezing the card, hackers can’t use it and they will move on to the next one. Search Five Star in your device’s app store.

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  • Rechelle Kelley

    I have been hacked, and I can not reach anyone.
    Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Thanks, Rechelle Kelley

    • Sorry for the delay here. We are aware that some members have been compromised. Did you call 855-847-2023 and open up a case? If not, go ahead and do that. We will order you a new card.