Express Loan

Doctor visits can happen when you least expect it.

Life can come at us when we least expect it. That means sometimes we need access to quick cash. An Express Loan from Five Star gives you access to a quick small loan. Members can qualify for anywhere between $500 and $3,100 in cash. There are membership criteria for this loan that has to be met before it can be granted.

  • Must be a member for three months
  • Have at least a $500 direct deposit each month for three months from the same company
  • The Express Loan comes with a much better rate than payday lenders
  • The Express Loan comes with a one-time application fee due when the loan is taken out

Express loan applications are quick and easy. Visit your local Five Star branch or call a member service representative at 888.619.1711, option 7.

Express Loans and Our Members

"When I needed money to help family members who were affected by the Covid virus, your Express Loan was just what I needed. I was able to help them and had some left over for unexpected bills. Thank you for being there not only for me but friends."

"When the pandemic hit, everything went wrong, my hours got cut, I didn't really know how I was going to make it being a single parent. I applied for an Express Loan with Five Star I was approved. Thank God! I was able to catch my bills up."

"Five Star has been great to me. They have helped me when I was in need. The Express Loan was easy. If I ever have a problem I reach out and they're on top of it. Thanks so much, Five Star!"

"Five Star is more than a credit union to me. It's more like a very big family in a time need. I had just joined a few months before Christmas. I needed a loan to buy Christmas gifts for my grandchildren and children. It was approved right there on the spot. They are the best family I ever have seen and thanks for being there."