ATM Locator

ATM Locator


Five Star now offers more than 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs and ITMs across the country. Just look for the CO-OP ATM, Shazam, or Presto(Publix) network logos. You can also use the CO-OP ATM locator above. Search where you are traveling and find a surcharge-free ATM at your location.

The CO-OP ATM locator is also on the Five Star app. Go to the main menu and find the "settings" button. Click settings and then click locations. A map will come up where you can search financial centers or ATMs or both. Search your location and find a surcharge-free ATM nearest you. Once you tap the location closest to you, a directions option will come up to find it easier. Never pay an ATM service fee again.

ATMs or ITMs owned or leased by Five Star (have our name/logo on them) are easy to find. Just search below.

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