Tax Information for 2020


The 2021 tax season is a good time to ensure that your bank account is up to date with ​your tax preparer and the IRS. The best way to do this is to take a current check and put in the numbers at the bottom. Here is an example:

261272046:1080000(six-digit account number)

You can also find this number on the mobile app and online banking under your accounts. For the app, go to your draft share or main savings and look under details. You will see an account number like 1080000 or 1210000 account number. Under it is the routing number 261272046.

For online banking, login to see your accounts. It will show the last four digits of the account as 0007 or 0008 or 00021, etc and you would enter it like above as 1070000 or 108000, etc.

This is especially important as the stimulus money is being distributed. The IRS sends to current bank accounts and only the persons on the bank account. They will not send money to an account that is a family member or friend. These are a few easy things to remember this tax season that will help you receive a timely return and stimulus deposit.